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Yes They Bleed Featured Talent ANGELA JORDAN

Meet Angela


Angela Jordan has been training in the martial arts since five years of age. With a love for the Power Rangers and the Jackie Chan adventures her journey in the martial arts began. She graduated at 9 years old with her Jr. black belt with honors from Amerikick. She continued to train in the art of American Kenpo Karate and has earned a 2nd Dan black belt under Nick Dougherty and Preston Conyers.

Angela has been a part of her school’s demo team since the age of seven performing at local schools, events such as the River Sharks Game at Campbell’s stadium, 76sixers, Harlem Globetrotters, and the Philadelphia Wings at the Wachovia Center in Philly, and more.

Her expertise lies in demo performance, musical forms,  and choreography.

During her martial arts career, she has explored the styles of Wushu (with Zach Caruso and Sifu Lious Diaz), Brazilian Jiujitsu (with Paulo Jensen and Morris Roth), Muay Thai Kickboxing (with Jonathan-Paul Brascetta, Mike “Danger” Castro, Ace Rameriez and Sakasem Kanthawong), and Judo. Currently, she is training judo under Sensei David Osaghae at Judo Movement.

Even though martial arts plays heavily in her life she performs excellently in academics:

Suma Cum Lade graduate from Washington township high school (4th out of over 600 students)

Studied at TCNJ and continued academic success as a Dean’s List member

As of this spring, she is a student at Rowan University studying business entrepreneurship chasing her dream to open up a martial arts school of her own one day.

Even with academics, she still finds the chance to share her passion with others running Self-Defense Seminars for women and children, and teaching those willing to learn.

In her free time, Angela enjoys the musical arts of playing piano, guitar, and singing. She even sketches and does graphic designs as well.

She is still heavily involved teaching and training at Champions Martial Arts, and continues to seek new martial arts experiences to help her grow!

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