Mark Polidoro

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Meet Mark


Traditionally trained in Shotokan Karate Mark started his training in 1979.  Mark has also trained in other various Martial arts through the years of his training.  Taking Tae Kwon do and Kickboxing holding Kyu ranks in both.  Mark is currently training in Sandokan.

Mark trained in Shotokan Karate under his late instructor Marc Sulak.   Mark continued his training with Kim’s Karate he trained under Mike Hasan and Bob Akione.   Mark now trains in Sandokan under GM Les Kiersnowski.

Mark is a member of various groups like the World Karate Union, World Martial arts  Council, Sembach, Martial Arts Animal Rights Alliance(MARRA), United Fellowship of Martial Arts(UFO-MA).

Mark received various awards for outstanding achievement of the year by the World Karate Union Hall of Fame in 2013.   Mark has done support work for the MARRA and Sembach groups attending seminars.   Mark recieved sensei of the year by the United Fellowship of Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2015.

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