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Sa bum nim Leang was born on January of 1989 in the city of brotherly love Philadelphia, PA. Growing up watching Power Rangers and wanted to grow up and be like them. So on July 1996, his mother saw a martial arts school at a local recreation center and asked if he wanted to take classes and that was when it because a part of his life. Sa Bum Nim Leang was only 9 when he earned his black belt and has become one of the youngest black belts in the school and the organization.

Four years later he have receive his 2nd degree black belt and when he was 13, he traveled to Miami Florida for his first Open World Championship. His first world event he have earned his first world championship, 2nd place in pattern performing one of the hardest patterns in Taekwon-Do Juche and 3rd place in Sparring. At a very young age he has experience so much.

Sa bum nim Leang had come a long way. Being on social media posting up photos of himself doing side kicks everywhere he goes. Taking it with random people, random weather, even just to do it.

With all his kicks he was posting, he have met Stace Sanchez the founder of Kickpics. With the help of Stace, Seven was featured on the Kickpics website and was able to be in the March 2013 edition of Taekwon-Do Times.

Sa bum nim Leang has many titles in many tournaments that himself have lost count and have sort of lost track. One tournament that meant so much to him was when he attends the ISKA US OPEN in 2013. In that tournament Sa bum nim Leang didn’t placed but after that, he started training so hard just for that tournament and he have brought back home 2 first place trophies that were at least 4 feet tall.

One trophy for Point Sparring and the other for Clash Sparring.

In August of 2013, Sa bum nim Leang has open up his own school in Pennsauken New Jersey called Hwa-Rang Warriors Taekwon-Do Studio. He is now a Full Time instructor teaching young children how to be martial artist and not just kicking and punching.

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