It’s Time For Me To Tell A Story!

It’s time for me to tell a story! After 30-plus years of acting, dancing, singing, fighting, falling and even skating to help others tell their stories on stage, film and TV… AND…

After spending the last several years learning how to use mobile devices, smart phones, Flip cameras, HD cameras, improvised lighting and sound equipment; along with my laptop computer and video editing software to create educational videos to teach, motivate and tell short stories… it’s time to write, produce and direct my first micro budget short film.

The title of my short film is YES THEY BLEED

facebook book cover 2-4-2016

“Yes They Bleed” is a martial arts action drama short film that tells the story of a group of extremely competitive, powerful and talented martial artist that must expose their personal struggles for the once in a life time chance to star in a martial arts action film. It’s not their physical discipline, power, strength or speed that will win them the role, but their willingness to expose their emotional weaknesses and show that they are as fragile as anyone else.

My goal is to simply write and tell my first story and film it. Follow the link below to see how it turned out.

Watch Yes They Bleed

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