Yes They Bleed Short Film – Purchase DVD

If you would like to see the complete Yes They Bleed short film and help support this film project, you can purchase a DVD today! The first 100 DVD’s sold will be signed by Writer, Director, Producer Peter Liciaga. ORDER NOW

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“Yes They Bleed ” is a short martial arts action drama film about a group of extremely competitive, powerful and talented extreme martial artist that must expose their personal emotional struggles and who they really are for the once in a life time chance to be chosen as the star in a martial arts action film. It will take more than their physical discipline, power, strength, speed and their extreme martial arts skills to win them the role. They will also have to decide to expose their emotional weaknesses and vulnerability and show that they are as fragile as anyone else…that will win them the role.

Written, Directed, Produced and Edited by Peter Liciaga

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